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Guide to WordPress Accessibility

15% of the population worldwide has disabilities. So thinking about accessibility is not just the webmaster’s responsibility. Everyone from website owners to digital project managers, designers, editors, content writers and anyone else involved in the website should think about web accessibility.

Some common issues that need to be addressed when creating an accessible website include making text screen reader-friendly, including appropriate alt text for images, ensuring optimal

color contrast, adding captions to videos, and making sure that your website is keyboard navigable. As you read on, keep in mind that there is more to WordPress accessibility than compliance, and the following tips will help ensure you are well on your way.

  • Visible Focus Styles
  • Color Contrast
  • Native HTML for Buttons and Links
  • Skip Links
  • Semantic HTML Headings
  • Screen Reader Text
  • No Autoplaying Media
  • Explicit Form Labels
  • ARIA Landmark Roles
  • Clear Typography
  • Things Not Allowed In Accessibility Themes
  • Positive Tabindex Values
  • Accesskeys
  • Useful Resources and Accessibility Testing Tools